Zala Kravos

© Jean-Paul Kieffer


Chopin - Fantaisie Impromptu
Brahms - Ballade Op. 10 N° 4
Liszt - Ballade N° 2


Marko Kravos


Marc Hollange

+32 499 31 34 38


Ars Produktion

Musicians, some of whom world famous, who have worked with Zala have been impressed by her talent and musical maturity. Maria João Pires, her former teacher at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, declared that Zala was one of the greatest talents she had ever seen. In spite of her young age, Zala is already an experienced artist. She has been performing regularly since the age of five, both solo and with orchestras. The public is charmed not only by her technical skills, but first and foremost by her musicality and her convincing interpretations of a repertoire which extends from classical and romantic to contemporary music. In June 2017, at the age of fourteen, Zala recorded her first album (Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, and a contemporary piece written for her) that was released on Ars Produktion in January 2018.

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