EDSUN did it again!

Following the release of his latest single ‘Forever’, the R&B singer EDSUN will perform at the forthcoming edition of Aralunaires in Arlon (BE). The track was done in collaboration with the Luxembourgish producer Cehashi who produced a gold winning album for Youssoupha. For EDSUN, this track “was inspired by the thought of other dimensions, other frequencies and afterlife. I believe in a life after death and I believe that our souls will continue to live on when we are left without a body. It's also a reminder for me to live in the present moment and to embrace life without really thinking of time”. Listen to it here.

The Belgian festival will also host the electronic music producer from Luxembourg ‘Ryvage’. Find the details below:

04/05 00H00 Le Palais Arlon (BE)

05/05 20H30 Le Palais Arlon (BE)