ROME in 7 Cities

Luxembourg born Singer-Songwriter Jerome Reuter, more commonly known as ROME will be doing a lot of travelling this October and November. ROME has 7 consecutive shows dotted around the world with the first 3 in Germany, then 2 in Russia, 1 at the Days of Darkness Festival in the US (line-up: Die Krups, Front Line Assembly, Blue Oyster Cult, Alcest and more…) and the final one in Israel.

As an artist, ROME has been going strong since 2005 and has an extensive, eclectic catalog under his belt, including 13 studio albums. The plethora of musical styles and sub genres are what makes his dark folk sound so compelling. Moreover, his style as a lyricist has been shaped by his interest in world literature, philosophy and the arts.

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5/10/2018 ROME at Kohi-Kulturraum / Karlsruhe (DE)

6/10/2018 ROME at Johanniskirche Löbau / Löbau (DE)

7/10/2018 ROME at Backstage München / München (DE)

20/10/2018 ROME at  Mod Club / Saint Petersburg (RU)

21/10/2018 ROME at Zil Arena / Moscow (RU)

28/10/2018 ROME at Days of Darkness Festival / Baltimore (US)

08/11/2018 ROME at Gagarin / Tel Aviv (IL)