Seed To Tree in Germany

Seed to Tree head to Germany this autumn for a six date tour following the release their new single “I wouldn’t mind”, released on the 12th of October.

Seed to Tree's rich melodies play along the lines of Indie Pop before meandering on to atmospheric Folk, bringing together a range of textures and complexities that kick in and wrap you up in a warm blanket of Indie Folk. Live, the band produces an entertaining performance often involving the audience in the act.

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27/10/2018 Seed To Tree at Shortly Media / Braunschweig (DE)

28/10/2018 Seed To Tree at Tau Weserburg / Bremen (DE)

30/10/2018 Luxembourg Sounds Like… at Fluxbau / Berlin (DE)

31/10/2018 Seed To Tree at Poge Haus / Leipzig (DE)

01/11/2018 Luxembourg Sounds Like… at Molotow, Skybar / Hamburg (DE)

02/11/2018 Seed To Tree at Beach Motel Heiligenhafen - Heiligenhafen (DE)