Helen Buchholtz (1877-1953): Lost & Found

German label Solo Musica will release a double CD featuring a collection of works by the late Luxembourgish composer Helen Buchholtz, interpreted by soprano Gerlinde Sämann and pianist Claude Weber.

Buchholtz, born in 1877, created a diverse body of work during her lifetime; everything from sonatas, choral works to dances for piano. After being rescued from a fire, her notated manuscripts stayed somewhat lost or hidden for almost fifty years in private family archives. Finally, in 1999, they were rediscovered by musicologist Danielle Roster and since 2000 they are accessible to the public at the archives Helen Buchholtz of the “CID Fraen an Gender”, an organisation addressed to people interested in feminism and gender topics. 

Before the discovery, Helen Buchholtz remained a mystery for the most part. Now however, a selection of her best works will be presented to the world. Additionally, the two CDs will feature four new pieces by contemporary composers Catherine Kontz, Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska, Stevie Wishart and Tatsiana Zelianko. All of them pay tribute to Helen Buchholtz, getting inspiration from her post-Romantic style.

Furthermore, Luxembourgish film director Anne Schiltz created a documentary about ambitious project, entitled “En dialogue avec Helen Buchholtz”. 

On April 5th the double album presentation will take place at the CAPE in Ettelbruck (LU). A second release concert will be held in Berlin on June 11th (date TBC), thanks to the cooperation of the Luxembourg’s Embassy in Berlin and the Universität der Künste.

If you are a journalist, artistic director for a festival or concert organiser and would like to receive a copy of both CDs, please e-mail Luca Di Bernardo.

05/04/19 (20h00) / CAPE / Ettelbruck (LU)

11/06/2019 (date TBC)/ Universität der Künste Berlin / Berlin (DE)