Cathy Krier, New Album Release

Pianist Cathy Krier has released on the 15th of September a new album on CAvi-music, that features the two Books of Images by Claude Debussy, as well as his Masques and Karol Szymanowski’s Masques.

Through this new album, Krier goes in another direction than her two previous ones programmatic approach, where she juxtaposed Rameau and Ligeti and Liszt vs. Berg/Schoenberg. The current release now takes the opposite path. At first glance,  Debussy - the inventor of musical Impressionism - and Szymanowski - often called the ‘Polish Impressionist’ seem to have much in common. Both composers even use the same title in French: Masques (masks). Cathy Krier affirms, nevertheless, that she is much more interested in the differences one can observe between these two works written roughly the same period.