music:LX - Luxembourg Export Office - is a non-profit organization and network which aims to develop Luxembourgish music of all genres and export it abroad!
The four essential services offered by music:LX are: supporting national artists and entourage, providing them with information about the ever evolving music industry, engaging in networking and promoting the artists and industry in various markets around the world.
The organization is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sacem Luxembourg and Ville d'Esch.



There are four essential services that music:LX offers:


We help our artists financially with the promotion of national and international tours and showcases. We can help with transport, accommodation and PR costs.


music:LX produces information about the music industry and the evolution of markets outside of Luxembourg. The information is then shared with artists and professionals through our Newsletters and infoletters. music:LX maintains an ever growing database and network of contacts (festivals, labels, booking agencies ...) to provide Luxembourgish artists with the information they need to play shows, find a label or a booker etc.


music:LX helps to establish relationships between Luxembourgish artists and international music professionals. We accomplish this through organized meetings in both international territories and Luxembourg, as well as with networking events at different showcase festivals/fairs including Eurosonic, MaMA, Jazzahead, Classical: NEXT, Reeperbahn Festival and Sonic Visions to name a few. music:LX is an affiliate member of IAMA (International Artist Managers' Association) and a partner in Excite (Exchange of international talent in Europe).


music:LX promotes Luxembourgish music through their website, newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube ...) and at international fairs and festivals. music:LX actively champions Luxembourgish artists directly through to the wider music industry; targeting labels, editors, booking agencies, promoters, festivals and more. 



Chairman of the board: Bob Krieps
Vice-chairman of the board: John Rech
Secretary: Olivier Toth
Treasurer: Gast Waltzing
Members: Marc Scheer, Marc Nickts, Michel Welter, Joé Haas