What’s new for Criss Cross Europe?

28 sept. 2015
Criss Cross News

How can we catch a glimps of the sound of future jazz in Europe? That is the mission that connects partners from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Slovakia. The philosophy of the project Criss Cross Europe is to promote exchanges between young jazz musicians acr... Show all

Gast Waltzing at the Philharmonie in Paris

28 sept. 2015
Gast Waltzing

On the 3rd of October, Gast Waltzing will perform with Angelique Kidjo and the Orchestra Lamoureux.  ... Show all

Italian Tour for Sun Glitters

26 sept. 2015

The touring continues for Sun Glitters.... Show all

Gast Waltzing and Largo on Tour

17 sept. 2015
Gast Waltzing

In September, you will have the opportunity to discover the eclectic, catchy and groovy jazz of Gast Waltzing and Largo !... Show all