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Monophona on tour in Germany

09 avril 2013
Monophona21lo 2

Monophona will be on tour in Germany from April, 27th to May, 7th... Show all

Luxembourg Sounds Like... @ La Malterie

09 avril 2013

music:LX and la Malterie present "Luxembourg Sounds Like..." in Lille Saturday, May 11th, featuring Monophona, Sun Glitters and Hal Flavin... Show all

Francesco Tristano playing at The Musical Kremlin

09 avril 2013
FT-Aymeric Giraudel LOW

Francesco Tristano will perform at the prestigious Musical Kremlin Festival in Moscow on Saturday, April 20th... Show all

MOTB, Say Yes Dog & Sun Glitters @ Liverpool Sound City

09 avril 2013

Three Luxemburgish artists will play at Liverpool Sound City this year! Indeed Say Yes Dog, Mutiny On The Bounty and Sun Glitters... Show all