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Apply now to MaMa event!

10 avril 2013

Artists, you can now apply to MaMA event! MaMA is programming 100 showcases and more during 3 days, 50% of the line-up is reserved for international bands. As a gateway to the French music market, bands will have the opportunity to play in front of a large delegation of French and international delegates as well as a Parisian audience.




  • MaMA will take in charge:

    Artists will be paid by MaMA* - between 105€ (1) and 130€ (2) per artists playing in venues / between 65€ (1) and 85€ (2) per artists playing in pubs and unusual places. (1) without A1 form - (2) with A1 form

    Artists will received 15€ each as a buy out

    Stage: regular sound, light provided

    A professional technical assistance (sound, light and stage)

    Artists promotion: MaMA will communicate on artists/ bands through his communication tools

    On top of BtoB meetings organized during MaMA, the company presenting the artist / band will have at its disposal various tools to be contacted or to get in touch with participants

    MaMA will provide media coverage

    No fee will be asking to the company (ies) presenting artist


  • Fees in charge to the company (ies) presenting artist / band:


    Accommodations (hotel, catering, internal transportations...) - but we can provide a logistic assistance

    Specific technical requests


  • Audience

Artists will perform in front of French and international music professionals, French and international media, festival-goers (half of venue capacity is dedicated to public).

* an agreement concerning the assignment of performing rights for a concert in a festival can also be done with the artist' booking agency - MaMA refers to the same values to reckon the amount - Submit to legal conditions.


More info on MaMa website