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Artaban will be performing at Europavox Festival

02 juin 2014

Artaban have the pleasure to perform at the Europavox Festival in Clermont Ferrond the 6th of June alongside such great artists as M, Stromae, Girls in Hawaii, Thomas Azier, Benjamin Clementine and many more.

Europavox is a global project entirely dedicated to the promotion of European musical diversity.
Since its creation, the festival welcomed 360 bands and artists, 120 000 festival-goers and more than 2 500 professionals. Its ambition is to talk about Europe in a positive way, with a human approach and prove that «unity in diversity» can apply to young Europeans in creative fields such as music. Since 2006, Europavox has become one of the key actors in the European popular music business.

For more information visit the Europavox Homepage or the Artaban Homepage!