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ROME 10-year-anniversary World Tour

05 mars 2015
 MG 0633-klein

In the context of their 10-year-anniversary World Tour, the dark folk singer/band ROME will be touring around the world during one year.

During the month of March, ROME will play shows in Russia, England, Romania and Italy.

Please find their upcoming shows below:

March 07: Moscow, Russia
March 08: Saint Petersburg, Russia
March 14: London, England
March 21: Bucharest, Romania
March 27:  Milan, Italy
March 28:  Bologne, Italy

April 02: Berlin, Germany
April 10: Los Angeles, CA USA
April 12: San Francisco, CA USA
April 14: Berkeley, CA USA
May 02: Esslingen, Germany
May 03: Munich, Germany
May 09: Kiev, Ukraine
May 30: Rome, Italy
June 06: Madrid, Spain
July 26: Cologne, Germany
October 17: Saigon, Vietnam
October 24: London, England
December 05: Luxembourg

Additional dates will be added sporadically, so make sure to check out their tour dates often, by clicking here.