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Sun Glitters’ new EP « Diving into reality »

31 oct. 2015
SUn glitter's cover

Sun Glitters will release his new EP « Diving into reality » through Abandon Building Records mid-November.

Here is what the label has to say :

"We’ve been friends with Sun Glitters for quite some time, and have always loved Victor’s chilled out electronic sounds, they have a simple yet, soothing trance inducing vibe, and are good for flowing. Now the friendship continues with a plethora of new Sun Glitters music and collaborations from now until infinity. Be prepared for our first offering together, Diving Into Reality EP in mid November including a featuring with Anticon co-founder and cLOUDDEAD / GO DARK member doseone. Also check out his latest release, a split with arms and sleepers)"

Abandon Building Records

For more info visit Sun Glitter's website