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"So klingt Luxemburg“ (The sound of Luxembourg)

18 nov. 2015

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, the smallest continent. Nonetheless, it has always played a major role within and for Europe. Given its history between the power struggles of other European nations, Luxembourg has been a convinced European from the start on. They recognized early that the European agreement was the only way to secure freedom. As home to many European statesmen, founding member of the EU, the euro monetary-community and its seat for many powerful European institutions, Luxembourg contributed greatly to it. As a result, the population of Luxembourg was awarded the “Karlspreis” in 1986.

Besides a dynamic and highly specialized industrial landscape, Luxembourg plays a major role in the financial sector, which extends beyond its borders. As one of Europe’s main financial hubs, its responsibility towards Europe is equally important. Nowhere else in the world the GDP per capita is as high as in Luxembourg. The over 160.000 cross-border commuters from the surrounding countries, which pursue a career in Luxembourg, contribute greatly to it.

Thanks to its specific geographical location at the intersection with the Germanic and Latin cultures, one can find cultural greatness in this small country. Its cultural diversity, which originates from its neighbours, is the reason for Luxembourg’s legendary linguistic multiplicity. As a consequence, Luxembourg City has been twice “European Capital of Culture” and who doesn’t love to drink Luxembourgish “Crémant”.

Discover some of Luxembourg’s best musicians during the fifth edition of “So klingt Europa / The Sound of Europe” the 19th of November! Make acquaintance with Luxembourg’s most famous songwriter, experience two of its jazz ensembles and discover two famous contemporary Luxembourgishcomposers!

You can follow the event on livestream.



The EU member states visit the Federal Finance Ministry

17:15   Discussion: Finance Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble & the Luxembourgish Finance Minister Pierre       Gramegna

Moderation: Peter Limbourg

17:40   Jeff Herr Corporation

18:00   Maxime Bender Quartett


18:40   Ensemble Noise Watchers Unlimited

19:00   Serge Tonnar & Legotrip

            Live-Malreu: Catherine Lorent

            Gesamt Moderation: Monica Semedo


Source: Embassy of Luxembourg in Berlin