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Salut Voisins! for the second time at MaMa Event 2016

05 oct. 2016

After playing at the Reeperbahn Festival, Napoleon Gold is ready to tackle one of France's most important showcase festivals, the MaMA Event (Paris, FR). Antoine Honorez and Jerome Klein will perform twice in Paris: first, the band will play at Madame Arthur on Thursday, 13th of October at 13:30, during the 'Salut Voisins!' event – an event organized by WBM (Wallonie-Bruxelles Musique), Kunstenpunt and music:LX. The second show will take place at the Théâtre de l'Atalante at 20:45, on Friday 14th.

If you wish to take part in our event 'Salut Voisins', please write an email to aurelie(at) or RSVP here

Thursday 13th of October

Madame Arthur – 13:30

Friday 14th of October

Théâtre de l'Atalante – 20:45