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New releases on vinyl for Monophona

28 oct. 2016

Luxembourg’s favorite blend of acoustic and dark electronic melodies band Monophona recently issued two brand new vinyls, making the day a little brighter for turntables enthusiasts!

The first release is a double LP for the band’s 2013 debut album The Spy, for the first time on vinyl, and the second one, Folsom prison blues 7", features Monophona’s reinterpretations of two major works: Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues and Morrissey’s Every Day Is Like Sunday.

Both vinyls are out on the German label Kapitaen-Platte and Folsom prison blues 7" is the 5th issue of the label’s coverversion single series.

The covers are vivid proofs of Monophona’s one-of-a-kind music range. They are capable of taking a song supposed to be immutable and give it a new meaning.

In the meantime, the band will play in Paris at the Supersonic on November 5th with the Parisian bands Talune and Theodora.