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New album for Francesco Tristano on Transmat Records

01 nov. 2016

The collaboration between one-of-a-kind pianist Francesco Tristano and institution techno label Transmat Records keeps on putting down its roots!

After premiering his brand new unique live set-up p:anorig, Francesco Tristano didn’t waste any time and made the most of his abundant creativity to put together his first full-length on Transmat Records. Surface Tension will be released on November 25th and will feature Transmat’s instigator Derrick May on four songs.

Together, they already had the opportunity to share the stage, lately in Tokyo during the Montreux Jazz Festival Japan 2016 and in Berlin during the Telekom Electronic Beats event.

Francesco Tristano will play live on November 10th at the Rex Club in Paris (FR) for Transmat’s 30-year anniversary; the line-up will include above-named Derrick May and Japanese Hiroshi Watanabe.

It has been largely admitted for a moment now that Francesco Tristano knows how to produce music with a singular approach and trigger emotions brilliantly, but with this new album, he shows something more: a mature move in his career, with the approval and recognition of music masters such as Derrick May. It is a tangible demonstration of his lasting and well-deserved position as an international, multi-faceted artist.