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Exciting collaboration for Sun Glitters

06 janv. 2017

After meeting in Luxembourg in 2008, Luxembourgish producer Sun Glitters and Boston-based project Arms And Sleepers discovered they shared common music influences and decided to cover some ground close to each other. In 2015 they released a 4-track split EP: SG x AAS and toured in Italy. They met again earlier this year, in March 2016, for a European tour in company of the Danish ambient electronic project Rome In Reverse.

Good news for the enthusiasts, the collaboration will still be going strong in 2017, with the release of Arms And Sleepers’ new album called Life Is Everywhere, produced and mixed by our very own Victor Ferreira a.k.a. Sun Glitters! The album will be out on January 27th and you can already listen to the first song here.

Electronic music and, in a wider perspective, electronic producers from Luxembourg have a bright future ahead of themselves and artists like Sun Glitters are capable of showing how incredibly unifying their works can be, rather as a personal project just as much as collaborating with others, and go behind the control pads in a studio!