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: Benoît Martiny

Formed in 2004, the roots of the Benoit Martiny Band are in  a  Garage in the small village of Rameldange,  Luxembourg. Through the years drummer Benoit Martiny developed together with his bandmates an original musical style that draws its identity from the different musical backgrounds of the musicians ranging from Jazz and Blues to Garage-Rock and Experimental to Trash and Noise.

The band released their first Album "Jazz goes Garage" in 2005 and appeared shortly after at the Dutch Jazz Competition. Their second Album, which was released in 2008, was  simply called "Benoit Martiny Band".
In the same year the Band won the prestigious Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award and toured all over Europe(Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Hungary...).
Having changed the band line-up a couple of times the Band welcomed Joao Driessen in 2010 and recorded their 3rd Album "Isolation Nation", which consists of a CD and  a 7 inch Vinyl and which was released in November 2010.
Currently BMB are working on their 4th Album which is due to be released in July 2013.

Benoit Martiny

Born in Luxembourg in 1980, BMB's leader has been playing the drums since he's 7 years old.After his Jazzstudies at the conservatory of Rotterdam he has recorded and performed all over the world with many different Bands and Projects.Drumming has brought Martiny from Europe to Asia, from Africa to the United States and back.All the music in BMB is written by Benoit himself.

Sandor Kem
Sandor was born into a musical family on january 28th in Hungary.Behind the iron curtain, Sandor developed his love for the Bass and the Double-Bass.When communism was shattered, Sandor came to Rotterdam to play Jazz.Since then he has played with many renowned musicians like Randy Brecker, Ed Soph, Mike Stern and many more...Sandor has toured China a few times, played in Bolivia, the States....

Frank Gones
Gones was born in a small dutch village.His Guitarsound however is big and loud, but subtle as his golden hair.Frank is the golden Guitargod and is becoming more and more popular in the Rotterdam Musicscene.Appart from BMB he plays with Mark Lotterman, the New Earth Group, Friso van Wijk, Hummingville...

Jasper van Damme
Jasper van Damme is BMB's youngest member.Born in 1986, he has studied Jazz Saxophone with Ferdinand Povel, Benjamin Herman, Ben van de Dungen and Jasper Blom.In his young age he already played all over the Globe including such prestigious Concerthalls as the Carnegie Hall in New York and the worldfamous North Sea Jazzfestival.He is one of Hollands and the world's upcoming Saxstars.

Joao Driessen
Joao grew up by playing the violin in the streets of London before discovering the power of the Tenor-saxophone.Living in Amsterdam, Joao is one of the most prestigious players in the scene.Appart from BMB he plays with the Amsterdam Jazzorchestra and the worldtouring Blazin' Quartett.

Title: Isolation Nation

Year: 2010

Label: BadassYogi Productions

Title: s/t

Year: 2008

Label: Quinto Quarto

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