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: Benoit Martiny Band

Benoit Martiny 2016

Formed in 2004, the roots of the Benoit Martiny Band are in a garage in the small village of Rameldange,  Luxembourg. Since a decade, the drummer Benoit Martiny developed with his bandmates an original musical style, from jazz’n’roll at their very beginning to the genuinely unique powerhouse of psychedelic and cinematic grooves that makes the meticulous and prolific band we know today.

Since then, Benoit Martiny Band has been performing in many venues and festivals and has released 5 albums, each proposing a particular soundscape. The last project, ‘The Grand Cosmic Journey’ powered by the internationally recognized talents of bass clarinetist Michel Pilz, saxophonist Roby Glod and keyboardist Leon den Engelsen, extends the Benoit Martiny Band experience back to the period when music broke the boundaries of art and cultures, when music was imagined by innovative composers such as Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Jimi Hendrix or Frank Zappa. With elements of freejazz, krautrock and psychedelia, completed with live video projections, the Cosmic Journey takes the audience on a trip to space and back.
The project was performed and recorded at the ‘Like a Jazzmachine’ Festival in Dudelange in 2014. The band decided to release this special concert on CD and DVD in 2016.

If you enjoy what Benoit and his band mates produced these last 10 years, you will really dig it!

The Grand Cosmic Journey is:

Benoît Martiny – Drums
Frank Gones – Electric Guitar
Sandor Kem – Electric Bass & Double Bass
Jasper Van Damme – Alto Saxophone
Joao Driessen – Tenor Saxophone
Michel Pilz – Bass Clarinet
Leon den Engelsen – Keyboards
Rémi Corsin/Laurent Cordier – Veejay


Has played:

Barquisimeto Jazz Festival (VE), Like a Jazzmachine (LU), Manchester Jazz Festival (GB), Sapporo Jazz Festival, Space Lab (JP), Oerol Festival (NL), Jazzland Festival, Jazz Fiesta Nemztetkozi Jazz Parade (HU), B-Flat (DE)...


"Having already checked out the Benoit Martiny Band in advance as part of mine and Jane’s jazz festival preview radio show, I was intrigued to see how they would go down. I’m happy to report they went down phenomenally well. It was in your face stuff for sure, but at the same time it was so strong, powerful, well rehearsed and well written that it grabbed the audience right from the off. It was hard not to be taken with the sheer energy and enthusiasm of it all.”
Review Manchester Jazz Festival 2013

"The Benoit Martiny Band is a quintet with two saxes, bass and guitar with a deeply rock sound, led by a drummer with a boundless energy and who exudes a powerful and lyrical rock / blues, streaked by flamboyant solos from brass and guitar. All this happily flirts with jazz, funk ... ."
Thierry Quénum, Jazzmagazine, 2012

Title: The Grand Cosmic Journey

Year: 2016

Label: BadassYogi Productions

Title: Are You Isolated? - Live at Mélusina

Year: 2014

Label: BadassYogi Productions

Title: Trauerspill

Year: 2013

Label: BadassYogi Productions

Title: Isolation Nation

Year: 2010

Label: BadassYogi Productions

Title: Benoit Martiny Band

Year: 2008

Label: Quinto Quarto

Title: Jazz Goes Garage

Year: 2005

Label: WP Records

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