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: Jeff Herr

: Jeff Herr Corporation

Carlo Nardozza (Trumpet), Joonas Lorenz (Fender Rhodes, Synthesizers), Tom Van Acler (Basses), Jeff Herr (Drums)

The Jeff Herr Corporation was formed in December 2003 in Maastricht by drummer Jeff Herr, with some of the best young upcoming musicians from the region.

The art of improvisation is Jeff Herr Corporations collective aim and leads them to new experiments with Jazz, fusioning the jazz harmonies with modern grooves and sounds. Long and wild experimental solos, but also clear-structured and arranged songs belong to the band's repertoire.

The style of the band could be described as Fusion or Electric- Funk Jazz, the attitude and the approach of the band's music is "Jazz ", played with the help of electronics and effects, using today's grooves and beats.

In July 2004 the band signed with the Waltzing-Parke Records Label (WPR) and recorded their first CD "Modern Times", which was officially released in January 2005.

The band's second album, "Conspirarcy!", was released on the same label in November 2007.

Over the years, the band has toured a lot of different countries (Benelux, Germany, France, Romania.) and performed at prestigious festivals.

Titel: Conspiracy!

Year: 2007

Label: WPR Jazz

Titel: Modern Times

Year: 2004

Label: WPR Jazz


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