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: Marly Marques Quintet

Marly Marques was born in Luxembourg into a Portuguese family. She discovered her passion for music at a young age, endowed with her grandfather’s good ear for music, lulled by her mother’s Fado and deeply moved by her father's closeness with the music and culture of Angola.

Since Marly Marques created her quintet in 2012, the band has been performing not only in the most famous jazz venues of Luxembourg but also in many venues and festivals abroad.

The Marly Marques Quintet doesn’t hesitate to venture into the world music field but without denying its jazzy roots. The musicians know how to entangle jazz standards with their own compositions, sometimes even tackling a few pop standards (for instance « Seven Nation Army » by the White Stripes). The Marly Marques Quintet succeeds in distinguishing itself thanks to the Portuguese, Spanish and English authentic lyrics of the songs, that bring a very smart touch to the performances of the band, and it’s a clear example of the cultural multiplicity that is present in the Luxembourgish society.

Two years after their debut, in 2014 the band released their first album «Só Ar Ser» in 2014. Also in 2014, the band won the 39th competition of the « Crest Jazz vocal » Festival in France.

A new album, «Encounter » was released in autumn 2016.

Bandmembers: Marly Marques (vocals), Jitz Jeitz (saxophone, clarinet), Claude Shaus (piano, keys), Laurent Peckels (electric bass, double bass), Paul Fox (drums)


Have played:

Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Jazz en Nord at Lille (FR), B-Flat Berlin (DE), Al Bustan Festival Beirut (LB), Kriol Jazz Festival (CV) Neumünster Abbey, Like A Jazz Machine, the Jazz & Blues Rallye (LU)...


« To put it in a nutshell, Marly Marques Quintet is said to be « the wedding between a dazzling and warm voice, belonging to a ravishingly spontaneous and moving singer, and the delightful jazz tempo of four talented musicians, resulting in a brilliant sound explosion » », Le Jeudi (FR)

« The coming-up of an undeniable and sophisticated talent in the Luxembourgish vocal jazz. », Tageblatt (LU)

« A remarkable and warm voice, a perfect voice to sing jazz, passing through all the shades of emotion... the singer and instrumentalists form a harmonious whole. », L’Alsace (FR)

« Schwungvolle wie auch samtweiche Klänge », Télécran (LU)

« Marly Marques fecha Spring On ! em grande », Jornalismo Porto Net (PO)

Title: Encounter

Year: 2016

Label: Self-released

Title: Só Ar Ser

Year: 2014

Label: Self-released

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