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: Pascal Schumacher

CREDIT Pascal Schumacher1 ©Boris Breuer

Most certainly one of the best European vibraphonists, Pascal Schumacher has been relentless in assuring his position as a boundary-pushing musician, a resourceful improviser and an imaginative composer. He consistently achieves recognition in being awarded some of Jazz Music’s most prestigious titles: the German Echo Jazz for International Instrumentalist in 2012, the Export Artist of the Year Award from music:LX in 2012, the JTI Trier Award for inter-regional achievements across the euroregion of Saar-Lor-Lux in 2013).

Keen to explore the links that exist between many musical genres, he plays the vibraphone with a unique flair for improvisation and a lucid inventiveness which together creates an original sound as visionary as it is melodic.

Pascal Schumacher is a prolific artist, playing internationally with many different bands that resemble his eclectic nature.

: Pascal Schumacher Solo

Left Tokyo Right” is the first recording under Pascal Schumacher’s own name, released in March 2015 on the French label Laborie Jazz. This album is dedicated to the Japanese society.  “Right” is the Asakusa district of Tokyo, the temples, women in kimonos, taiko drummers, the traditional “old” Japan. “Left”’ are the Akihabara and Shibuya districts of Tokyo, neon lights, J-pop, the super-modern, flashy “new” Japan.

The album was recorded with the members of his former quartet, Franz Von Chossy (piano), Jens Düppe (drums), Pol Belardi (bass guitar) and incorporates contributions from other artists to complete Schumacher’s aesthetic vision: Aliénor Mancep (harp), Magic Malik (flute), Verneri Pohjola (trompet), Sylvain Rifflet (saxophone) and Joachim Olaya (sound engineer) creating the harmony for the ensemble.

: KhaliféSchumacherTristano

The three musicians of this project are all experienced virtuosos on their instruments and master perfectly the subtle game between compositions and jazz improvisation. Their compositions develop operatic melodies and meditative phases that are typical to the electro jazz language.

They released the album titled « Afrodiziak » on the label EDEL in 2015.


: Pascal Schumacher Quartet

The Pascal Schumacher Quartet has a potent hook-laden feel that creatively destroys all notions of the polite dinner jazz associations of the past and produces a contemporary sound that is beautiful, melodic and effortlessly articulated.
The four musicians recorded five albums, the last one being “Bang My Can” (Enja Records), launched in 2012 to critical acclaim.

: Schumacher & Neve Duo

Schumacher’s duo with Jef Neve (piano) produces a hybrid that is described as somewhere between pop-infused contemporary music and classic-infused jazz, inviting the audience to listen to the diverse music of today.
The duo was nominated by the Philharmonie Luxembourg for the "Rising Stars" concert series presented to the audience at the largest concerts halls in Europe in association with the European Concert Halls Organisation (ECHO).

The duo recorded the album « Face to Face » on Enja Records (2010).

: Schumacher & Rifflet Duo

This project with the French saxophone and clarinet player Sylvain Rifflet, is an innovative blend of elements of modern classical composition, jazz and rock. The duo stands for a highly distinctive sound and places the instruments played in a thoroughly modern context.


Has played/Will play:

Duc des Lombards, Palais des Papes, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Jazzycolors, Jazz aux Carrés (FR), Sounds Jazz Club, Brussels Jazz Marathon (BE), Jazzahead (DE), North Sea Jazz Festival (NL), London Jazz Festival (UK), International Jazz Festival Melbourne (AU), Cotton Club Tokyo, Motion Blue Yokohama, Jazz Promenade (JP),  Jarasum Jazz Festival (KP), Nargen Jazz Festival (EE), Blues’n Jazz Festival Cape Town (ZA), Helsinki Festival (FI), Ottawa Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival (CA)...


« A jazz quartet that combines four talented soloists is uncommon enough: a quartet where every member combines top flight musicianship with compositional talent is as rare as hen's teeth. The Pascal Schumacher Quartet manages both combinations with ease. », All about Jazz (UK)

« Pascal Schumacher presents an album as fabulous in intensity and magic as the famous "Köln Concert" by Keith Jarret. », ExtendedPlayer (FR)

« Pascal Schumacher creates orchestral fascinations which can only be fathomed by carefully listening to them over and over again. A magnificent album! This music would fit in perfectly in the wonderful world of Haruki Murakami. », Jazzmozaiek (BE)

Title: Left Tokyo Right - Pascal Schumacher

Year: 2015

Label: Laborie Jazz

Title: Bang My Can - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2011

Label: Enja Records

Title: Face to Face - Pascal Schumacher & Jef Neve

Year: 2010 

Label: Enja Records


Title: Here We Gong - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2009

Label: Enja Records


Title: Silbergrau - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2007

Label: Igloo Records


Title: Personal Legend - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2005

Label: Igloo Records


Title: Change of The Moon - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2004

Label: Igloo Records


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