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: Eternal Tango

Luxembourg is certainly not known as the defining cradle for rock bands of international renown. ETERNAL TANGO, hailing from Dudelange, is, however, one of the rare exceptions, and has grown from being an insider tip to an established act quite quickly. Their recent fame is based on their unrelenting tour schedule, which has definitely helped in refining the band's highly energetic rock spectacle.

In the past two years alone, the five men combo have played close to 300 concerts - among which were breathtaking shows at the ‘WDR Rocknacht' or the ‘Frequency Festival" to name some. 

Time between tours was not spent idly either. ETERNAL TANGO used the breaks for recording their very unconventional songs in the studio. As a follow-up to the artistic success of their debut album ‘First Round At The Sissi Cafe‘ in 2007, they are ready to rumble with their new album, to be released at the end of March. Their new longplayer, a grandiose production by Markus Schlichtherle (who also produced ‘Madsen', ‘Juli', and ‘Radiopilot') entitled ‘Welcome To The Golden City' looks like a real treat. Mastering legend Ted Jensen was blown away by the sheer quality of the songs, and insisted on adding some finishing touches to the recordings at his New York-based Sterling Sound Studio. Various big-name labels couldn't wait to wave checkbooks, but ETERNAL TANGO were not ready to compromise. That is why they settled with Rough Trade as a potential distribution partner, and insisted on releasing the album on their own label. These headstrong musicians want to make one point crystal clear: they will go their own way, and will continue to develop their very own style without any pressure from anyone.

The band, which came together in 2002, has developed is own, very unique style over the years, which simply cannot be slotted into any of the popular categories of power pop, alternative rock, or rock. They have been spiking their music with tons of energy, fun, and irresistible hooks right from the get-go - but any other description of their unusual brand of music just would not suffice. Their exhilarating over-kill version of rock 'n roll must be experienced to be believed. Of course, there'll be plenty of opportunities in 2010 to do just that. After their guest performance at the prestigious Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, ETERNAL TANGO will be touring Europe extensively. In addition to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the band has their sights set on conquering Portugal, Spain, France and the rest of Europe as well.

ETERNAL TANGO is set to continue their nomadic life, replacing their permanent addresses with their tour bus. But then - these boys want nothing more than to be on stage, and to deliver their acoustic and visual fireworks - and that's exactly what they are going to do. 


Title : Welcome to the Golden City

Year : 2010

Label : Golden Fox Records / Rough Trade


Title : First Round at the Sissi Café

Year : 2007

Label : Al Piper Records / Rough Trade


Title : Eternal Tango / Spyglass Split

Year : 2004

Label : self-released


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