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: No Metal In This Battle

NO METAL IN THIS BATTLE is an afro post-punk quartet from Luxembourg. The band is very much influenced by deep down Nigerian afro-beat, post-rock and math-rock mixed to a punk attitude. Their live shows always turn into a spiritual and powerful sharing experience with their audience.

Sounds Like:
Tony Allen, 90 day men, Tortoise, Fugazi

Has played/Will play:
Primavera Sound (ES), Incheon Pentaport Rock (COR), Rock For People (CZ), Galapagai (LT), Les Aralunaires (BE), Chauffer dans la noirceur (FR) ...

A strong afropop element creates a heartbeat in each of their songs on their newest release Ours, and pianos are glittery across the top, nicely complementing the surrounding landscape of reverb drenched guitars. When the above elements are paired with skittering drums, and stomping bass, the result is a sound that prompts the same feeling of looking out the window at an oasis during a long drive through the desert. As listeners, we are being rewarded for taking time to make our way somewhere. They know where we’re going, but they aren’t telling us.
Fecking Bahamas

Warning! It’s a funkaedlic monster that basically just shouts ‘Dance, dance!’ at you all the time. Get your groove on right here.
Nothing But Hope And Passion

No Metal In This Battle est là pour vous rappeler que le Luxembourg a, lui aussi, des groupes d'afro-post-punk qui défoncent!

Lively and Organic!
Bandcamp Weekly

Title: Ours

Year: 2015

Label: Don't trust a bear records

Title: The Husky Tape

Year: 2012

Label: Don't trust a bear records

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