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: Jean Muller

"Idées claires, jeu ample s’adaptent à toutes les périodes et tous les styles avec une facilité qui ne laisse à aucun moment deviner l’import ...

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: KrausFrink

Victor Kraus and Martin Frink have appeared as KrausFrink Percussion since joining forces for their first concert in Baden-Baden in 2006. The two ext ...

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: Pascal Meyer

Pascal Meyer has appeared at festivals such as Holland Festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Amsterdam), Rainy Days (Luxembourg), Archipel (Geneva), Musi ...

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: Philippe Schartz

Philippe Schartz is one of the most exciting trumpeters of  today. Born in Luxembourg, he developed an early interest in the trumpet from listening t ...

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: Sabine Weyer

"With her debut recording, Sabine Weyer presents herself as a talented and outstandingly sensitive musician." Remy Franck, Pizzicato Con ...

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: Stephany Ortega

Stephany Ortega is a classical and modern singer (soprano), choir conductor and pianist. Born in the Dominican Republic, she became dual national by n ...

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: Trio Koch

"The way this musical family playfully communicates with each other and the audiance is very charming." Isabel Herzfeld, Klassic Heute "The perfo ...

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: United Instruments of Lucilin

The ensemble for contemporary music “United Instruments of LUCILIN” was founded in 1999 by a group of passionate Luxembourgish musicians. It’s ...

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