Scarred at Bloodstock

02 août 2015
Scarred Site

The Death/Thrashmetal band Scarred are playing at the world famous Bloodstock Festival in Walton-on-Trend (UK). Between Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, a horde of angry m...... Show all

Cleveland joins Elastic Artists!

01 août 2015
Cleveland Press pic 1

The promising dj and producer Cleveland has just joined the Elastic Artists roster! Elastic Artists is a London-based booking agency with an international roster of more than 300 live bands, DJs, producers, composers and visual artists. Working with artists such as Ma...... Show all

Cherokee over the Atlantic

31 juil. 2015

The young promising electronic producer Cherokee will be performing at the Mexican festival Hellow Festival in Monterey (MEX) on the 29th of August. The line up consists of many big names like E...... Show all

Punks on Holidays!

30 juil. 2015

The four-piece band Versus You are bringing Luxembourg’s finest punk rock to Germany and Slovenia! You will find them shre...... Show all