Scarlet Anger

thrash metal

Attack Of The Insidious Invader
The Unbelievable Story Of A Stupid Boy
Welcome To The Freak Show

Joe Block


Joe Block


MIG (Haensel & Gretel)

Scarlet Anger outputs thrash metal with nasty riffs and big leads on guitar, stunning beats and great melodies to scream and sing along.

Founded in 2007 in Luxembourg-City, their aim was always to create a band in the tradition of the 80’s thrash metal bands. Until now they have released 2 Ep’s La Realidad Es Triste (2009), Kill the King (2011) and one LP Dark Reign (2012) through the German Label Dust on the Tracks.

The newest output Freak Show has been released march 2016 through MIG Musik / Hänsel & Gretel.

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