Jean Muller

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Variatio 9 Canone all Terza Clav
Variatio 4 Clav
Transcendante S.139 No.10 Allegro agitato molto


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Hänssler Classic (DE)

Jean Muller is a pianist of the stature of the great pianists from the past. Achieving “miracles of virtuosity with apparent relaxed ease”, he imbues his performances “with his very special brand of magic” delivering interpretations “guaranteed to bring chills and thrills”.

The unique mix of originality and authenticity allows Muller to treat the classics of the piano repertoire in a “revelatory” way: his Chopin has been described “as inhabited by Chopin himself.” Jean Muller crafts his interpretations with the utmost care and dedication, approaching the great masterworks with humility, “recreative urgency” and as “a poet, colourist, architect and virtuoso” resulting in “some of the most phenomenal playing you could wish for.”

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