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: Marc Demuth

Marc Demuth born in Luxembourg in 1978, is a strong and active presence of the new generation of Jazz musicians in Europe and holds diplomas in ele ...

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: Marc Mangen

Marc Mangen studied, still in his teens, in the conservatory of Strasbourg (France) where he spent four years studying with the illustrious French ...

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: Marly Marques Quintet

Marly Marques was born in Luxembourg into a Portuguese familly. She discovered her passion for music at a young age, endowed with her grandfather&r ...

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: Maxime Bender

The Maxime Bender 4tet tries to take a bold step and definitely move away from the typical jazz routine as we've come to know it. The safety of ...

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: Meander

MEANDER, the jazz/world band founded in 1993 by guitarist Matt Börgmann in London, has a new album "Tales from Meanderthal“, releas ...

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: Michel Reis

A pianist, improviser, composer, and arranger, Michel Reis shares his passion for music all over the world. Having performed in Europe, t ...

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: Monophona

Monophona can be viewed as making, headphone music, the type of tunes which you can listen alone eyes closed, but it also suits any gathering of pe ...

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: Mutiny On The Bounty

During the month of august 2011, with a new line-up , Mutiny on the Bounty completed the recordings for their second album. The addition of Cedric ...

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