Composition and Songwriting Support


Quality songwriting and composing is an essential skill required to craft music worthy of export. This new support has been created to offer Luxembourgish artists the ability to refine these skills and build their network through a variety of initiatives like songwriting camps, workshops, mentoring programs, co-writing sessions and more. Recognized professional networks and organizations will be favoured. 

The composing or songwriting should be integrated into a strong export strategy with the aim to establish new international partnerships and collaborations.

This grant is only available to artists we deem 'Established' or 'Breakthrough' as outlined below. Eligible applicants must be either a resident or citizen of Luxembourg, have recorded at least one EP or album, have a strong team and/or artist development plan in place for the coming year. 

Applicants for the Composition & Songwriting Support are eligible to receive up to 80% of their total eligible budget.


Eligible costs:

  • International transportation (Flights, Train, Van/Car-Rental, Gas, and Tolls - Economy class-only)
  • Accommodation
  • Registration fee to songwriting camps, workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Agency services

Ineligible costs:

Note: These are only some examples. Don’t hesitate to contact your respective project manager if there are any questions.

  • Recording/Production costs (Manufacturing, Rehearsing space, Equipment, Studio time)
  • Promotional CDs, Vinyl press
  • Gear costs
  • Hired musicians and crew fees
  • Per Diems and meals 


Who can apply?

music:LX’s support is open only to artists:

  • with a Luxembourgish citizenship,
  • and/or that have a residency in Luxembourg,
  • and/or that are firmly anchored in the local music scene. 

Applicants may be the artists themselves or a local/international entourage working with an act represented by music:LX. The two categories of support eligible for Songwriting Support are:

  • Established artists
  • Breakthrough artists


When should you submit your project?

Any initial requests for support should be sent a minimum of two months in advance of the project start. Exceptions can be made if last-minute songwriting activities come about, but we’ve set this deadline in order to ensure a proper strategy and lead-time is in place. Should you not inform us before the two-month deadline, music:LX reserves the right to decline any initial request for funding or support.

For exceptions to this rule, please email your respective project manager for approval:

Laura Varache for the jazz/world department
Zach Glavan for the pop/rock/electro/R&B/Hip Hop department
Stephanie Schulze for the classical/contemporary department


How should you send in your initial application?

Fill in the initial application form here. In this form, you will be asked to describe the songwriting initiative, who you will be working with, as well as a detailed budget. Every application for composing / songwriting support should be approached thoughtfully. Please review the descriptions of each of the core documents required for the application below. 

PRODUCER / CO-WRITER / MENTOR CV : Who will you be working with during this co-writing session, songwriting camp, seminars or workshop? Provide a brief CV of the professional(s), which artists they’ve worked with, genre(s)/styles and contact info. Please also present the organisation this professional is associated with.

COMPOSING / SONGWRITING DESCRIPTION : Include the date, venue/studio, city, and country where the composing / songwriting event or workshop will take place. Explain the goals of the project and how this will help it grow and gain international notoriety. Is this part of a broader plan for an EP or album or just one-off singles? Will the piece or work be presented at a performance? What are the projected results you expect from these composing / songwriting efforts?

TIMELINE : Provide a detailed timeline for the rollout of the songs / compositions you’ll be focusing through this initiative (ex. When will this workshop or event take place?, when is the release planned?, when is the performance?, when will it be published?…). 

GLOBAL BUDGET ESTIMATION : Estimate how much you’ll spend on this songwriting / composing initiative. Include all spends, regardless of whether you hope to subsidise them with music:LX. Any initial applications for funding must also declare other public funding received or expected to be received toward the same project (including music:LX, FOCUNA, Ministry of Culture, Oeuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and Royalties). Spreadsheet is preferred.

Download the Global Budget Template!


Conditions for Funding.  What are the next steps?

Your application will be analyzed by music:LX as soon as possible to determine the relevance and feasibility of the project, whether or not to support, and if so, the amount awarded.

Once your application has been approved, you must compile and organise all invoices and receipts incurred as a condition of funding. No costs will be counted without proof of receipt and generally, eligible costs must be incurred after the application has been submitted. 

music:LX reserves the right to remove any ineligible expenses from your final cost report. The final amount granted may be reduced in the event of any changes from the initial budget and only after the final refund request has been analyzed.

It is mandatory to include the music:LX logo and acknowledgement on each communication and marketing medium used to promote the project as well as any material sent to the press.

Moreover, if any other request for subsidy or grants is already made or granted (Ministry of Culture, FOCUNA, Oeuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte private sponsors or other institutions) it is mandatory to mention it to music:LX in your Global Budget Estimation.