Global Project Grant


Applications for the 2021 Global Project Grant are now closed. We will be re-opening the 2022 application in the Fall.

ABOUT : Funding under the new music:LX Global Project Grant can be allocated once a year for recipient(s) to undertake a number of activities to stimulate their career development, from the promotion and marketing of an album to international touring and workshops. This initiative aims to encourage artists and their teams to ‘take the reins’ with their global budget over the course of a year. 

A jury will select one candidate per genre based solely on the quality of the project, its export potential, and the artist’s long-term career strategy. This grant is only available to artists we deem 'Established' or 'Breakthrough' as outlined here. Eligible applicants must be either a resident or citizen of Luxembourg, have recorded at least one EP or album, have a strong team and/or artist development plan in place for the coming year.

Awarded applicants for this grant are eligible to receive up to 15,000 € for the presented project. The total amount of funding awarded will vary based on a number of factors, from the applicant’s financial plan to the relevance and feasibility of their career development plan.

Please note that awarded recipients are not eligible to apply for any other individual support in the same year and won’t be able to apply for a Global Project Grant in the following year. Recipients of the Global Project Grant will be able to apply for individual support as listed on our “Who & What” page here in the following calendar year.

Additionally, we are aware of the effects the pandemic has had on planning activities for next year. Due to this uncertainty, please note that if a planned activity or project can’t occur we will be making an exception for awarded applicants to postpone their activities to 2022.

Applications are required to be submitted in English.


Eligible activities:

  • Touring & Showcasing
  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Composition & Songwriting
  • Career Development

Examples of eligible costs:

  • International transportation (Flights, Train, Van/Car-Rental, Gas, Tolls - Economy class-only)
  • Accommodation
  • Visas
  • Business trips in priority markets
  • Invitation of professionals
  • Registration fee to songwriting camps or seminars, agency services (producing, composing)
  • Registration to workshops and conferences
  • PR and Marketing
  • Digital promotion (community management services, digital campaigns for export product...)
  • Advertising for an export-ready product. Examples include : Print ads, Radio ads, Google / YouTube ads, Banners, Trade publications
  • Playlist Plugger
  • Radio Plugger


Examples of ineligible costs:

  • Recording/Production costs : Manufacturing, Rehearsing space, Equipment, Studio time
  • Promotional CDs / CD, Vinyl press
  • Gear costs
  • Hired musicians and crew fees
  • Hired photographers, graphic designer
  • Video Production
  • Per Diems and meals 


Who can apply?

music:LX’s support is open only to artists:

  • with a Luxembourgish citizenship, 
  • and/or that have a residency in Luxembourg, 
  • and/or that are firmly anchored in the local music scene. 

Applicants may be the artists themselves or a local/international entourage working with an act represented by music:LX. The two categories of support eligible for the Global Project Grant are (more info here) :

  • Established artists
  • Breakthrough artists

How to apply?

2020 deadline for a project in 2021 (applications are now closed) :

  • October 8th : First Call, Applications Open
  • November 30th : Application Deadline 

The annual deadline for this application is final in order to ensure a proper strategy and lead-time is in place. Any applications submitted after the deadline will be automatically declined.

For more information about this grant, please email your respective project manager :

Laura Varache for the jazz/world department
Zach Glavan for the pop/rock/electro/r&b/Hip Hop department
Stephanie Schulze for the classical/contemporary department


How should you send in your initial application?

Fill in the initial application form here. In this form you will be asked to write about your career development and marketing plan, a description of your project as well as a detailed budget.  Every application for this support should be approached thoughtfully. Please review the descriptions of each of the core documents required for the application below.  

GLOBAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION : Describe your project and how the eligible activities this year will help take you to the next level. 

CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN : In 2000 characters or more, detail where you are in your career and provide an overall strategy for growth in the coming year (or years). Describe your challenges, ambitions, and where you hope to be at the end of the calendar year and beyond. Also describe how this Global Project Grant will help you achieve your artist goals.

MARKETING PLAN (TARGETS & TERRITORIES) : What steps will you be taking to drive more awareness to your band through marketing and promotion, generate new fans, and increase merch, streaming and ticket sales? What’s your plan for releasing singles or an EP/album and support through touring?

Describe the overall demographic of your fans (who are they? their age, gender, location, interests, etc). Have you marketed your music or tour to this demographic before? What are the territories you plan to build upon over the course of a year? Are these markets you’ve performed in before or new territories that make sense within your development and marketing plan? What are the projected results you expect from these efforts? 

TIMELINE : Provide a detailed timeline for 2021. In case the project you are applying for continues also for 2022. Will your primary activities be in support of an album or tour? How far in advance of each activity will the planning and setup take place?


Global Cost Estimation : Estimate how much you’ll spend on the project. Include all spends, both eligible and ineligible, regardless of whether or not you hope to subsidise them with music:LX. Spreadsheet is preferred.

Download the Global Budget Template!

Revenue Estimation : What is the expected revenue you anticipate making as a result of the investments made in this fiscal year? Any initial applications for funding must also declare any other private and public funding received (FOCUNA, Ministry of Culture, Oeuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, SACEM or others) or expected to be received toward the same project one is claiming to music:LX.


Application Review

A jury of music professionals has been selected to carefully review each application to select one award per genre, per year. Applications will be judged based on a number of factors, from the viability of the marketing and promotional plan, the creativity of the artist's strategy, financial plan, and more (as listed in the required documents).

The applicant grants the jury and music:LX consent to review the accuracy of the information included. Should any information provided prove to be inaccurate, music:LX and the jury have the right to decline the application. 


Joé Haas (Ministry of Culture)
Luc Boentges (100,7)
Corinna Niemeyer (OCL)

Marc Nickts (Sacem Luxembourg)
Patricia Jochheim (opderschmelz)
Lobke Aelbrecht (JazzLab - BE)

Pop/Rock/Electro/R&B/Hip Hop:
Marc Scheer (Kulturfabrik)
Vicky Zeimetz (den Atelier)
Yves Stephany (100,7)

Payment Terms

The Global Project Grant will be paid out in three stages depending on the timeline of the awarded application: 50% before the project start, 25% in the middle of the project, and the balance (up to 25%) upon presentation of the final report.

The applicant must meet with music:LX before each of the three stages of their project to provide a project update. The exact terms of the payment can be modified should the project’s original timeline or budget change throughout the calendar year.

You must compile and organise all invoices and receipts as a condition of funding.  No costs will be counted without proof of receipt and generally, eligible costs must be incurred after the application has been submitted.  music:LX reserves the right to remove any ineligible expenses from your final cost report. 

The final amount granted may be reduced in the event of any changes to the initial budget and only after the final realized budget has been analyzed.  music:LX reserves the right to cancel the award granted without the candidate being able to claim any compensation. 

Final report  

At the end of the project, artists selected for the Global Project Grant must submit a detailed report to music:LX. music:LX may require a total or partial reimbursement of the grant in the event the artist and/or their team fails to provide said report. 

The final report should include :

  • Description of each stage of the project
  • Financial report
  • All invoices
  • Touring history
  • Streaming / sales report
  • Press reviews

It is mandatory to include the music:LX logo and acknowledgement on each communication and marketing medium used to promote the project as well as any material sent to the press.