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Application for support

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sacem, music:LX contributes to the export development of Luxembourgian musicians abroad. This support comes in addition of the promotional, marketing and financial investment of both, labels and artists.


1. Criteria

Who is eligible to make a request ?

A label, manager, concert producer, an editor, an artist, if :

  • based, lived or studied in Luxembourg.
  • confirmed artist in Luxembourg.
  • He/she has experiences a minimum of export development.


What project can get a support ?

  • Tours outside of Luxembourg (minimum 3 dates in the period of 3 months). Note that priority will be given to artists whose records are on a licensing contract or benefit from a physical distribution in the concerned country 
  • Participation at showcases at fairs, festivals and/or capitals
  • A support act
  • A record release and affected PR costs
  • special projects


What is the maximum amount of money that can be endowed to a project ?

The maximum amount of money endowed to a project cannot exceed 10.000 EUR. All other request exceeding this amount has to be considered and validated by the board.

The music:LX financial support consists in a partial reimbursement of several project expenses. The artist can only benefit from this help if the project does not reach the break even.

It is not the aim of music:LX to pay the artist a fee nor to cover the whole project expenses. A financial participation of the applicant is needed. Furthermore, if any other subsidies/supports are requested or received from other organizations, it needs to be mentioned in advance.


What expenses are eligible? (exception made for special cases)

  • Transport, hosting, defray costs. Note: if travelling in a private vehicle, please note that no kilometric allowance can be claimed. music:LX only covers the gas accounts. Keep your bills! 
  • PR costs


When can an application be submitted?

Every application has to be submitted at least one month before the beginning of the project. Of course, the earliest is the best.


2. How to apply

The application must contain the documents listed:

  • a presentation sheet of the artist
  • a tour or showcase planning (date/city/venue/capacity)
  • a presentation of the artist's export history, strategies and partnerships
  • if needed, the promotion and marketing strategies for the release of the album (physical and digital) in every visited countries
  • an estimate of the PR costs
  • projected budget*
  • 2 copies of the album


*The budget :

The budget has to be very detailed and balanced. It has to state the profit and loss accounts (Template at the bottom of this page).
The amount of your request can't exceed 10 000€. Furthermore, if any other subsidies are requested or received from other organizations, it needs to be mentioned in advance. Promotion expenses (posters, flyers, CDs promo, street marketing etc), the purchase of gear and rehearsal expenses are not eligible and should not figure in the budget forecast.
music:LX will analyze the consistency of the budget and will determine the feasibility and the interest of the submitted project.


3. Contacts

The application has to be send exclusively by email to Patrice Hourbette (template at the bottom of this page):

Please ask for a notice of receipt.


4. music:LX logo

When support is granted, it is mandatory to use the music:LX logo on every communication and marketing supports used to promote the project (posters, flyers, etc).
The collaboration has to be mentioned in all communications to the Press/Media.

You will receive the music:LX logo by mail along with the approval of your project. Do not hesitate to claim the logo in advance for your promotional material if you should be bound to deadlines.


5. After the project

After your project has been realized, you will need to send a reimbursement request to music:LX stating the granted amount.

Conform to the initial project description please fill in the Reimbursment Application Form and hand in the following documents:

  • balance sheets (break even, promotional report, benefits, contacts, perspectives, etc) 
  • actual budget
  • receipt of eligible expenses (copy of bills for transportation, accommodation, PR, etc) 
  • copies of the communication tools/supports with the music:LX logo

These documents need to be submitted at the latest 6 months after the project has been realized, failing that, the financial contribution will not be disbursed.
Payment of the balance will be given in proportion to the number of tour dates actually held and upon reception of the required documents.

Moreover, the financial contribution may be reduced if not all tour dates have been realized and/or if there is inconsistency between the forecast and the actual budget.

We will proceed to the payment within a period of 3 months upon completion of the project.