How to apply


When should you submit your project?

Any initial applications for Touring, Showcasing, Composition & Songwriting, Marketing & Promotion, and Support for Local Structures should be submitted a minimum of two months in advance of the project start. Should you not apply before the two-month deadline, music:LX reserves the right to decline any initial application for support.

For exceptions to this rule, please email your respective project manager for approval:

Laura Varache for the jazz/world department
Zach Glavan for the pop/rock/electro/R&B/hip-hop department
Stephanie Schulze for the classical/contemporary department

The Global Project Grant is the only support that operates with a fixed deadline (November 30th, 2020). Any application sent after the deadline will be declined.


How should you send in your initial application?

music:LX now requires all artists, artist representatives and local structures to submit their application via the application forms which you can find here. Before submitting your application, please review and prepare each of the required documents listed. Most initiatives are available to all three levels of artists as outlined on our Who & What page, however applicants with a strong artist development plan will be favoured. 

music:LX will analyse the relevance and feasibility of the project and then decide whether or not to support it and if so, the amount awarded. The projected budget must be very detailed. It must show all the expenses and revenues.

The final amount granted may be reduced in the event of any changes and after the consideration of the final refund request which must include the total realized budget and be accompanied by proof of expenses.


music:LX logo

If the support is granted, it is mandatory to include the music:LX logo and acknowledgement on each communication and marketing medium used to promote the project as well as any material sent to the press.

After the project

Once the project is completed, you will need to fill in the "Refund Application" form in the section "Support" - "Refund application form". To do this you will first have to create a profile on our website here on your first connection.

Similar to the initial request for support, the "Refund Application" form must include a budget made with eligible expenses and revenues and be sent to music:LX no later than three months after the completion of the project. After this time, support could be cancelled.

The contribution of music:LX may be reduced if the difference between the projected budget and the budget achieved is too great.

Support decided by music:LX will be paid within two months after the realization of the project, and only after receiving the invoices.


Additional notes: 

  • When travelling with a private vehicle, it’s not possible to ask for a kilometric allowance or flat-rate, music:LX only covers the cost of gas on receipt and tolls eventually: so keep your bills! (Tip: use to calculate gas costs)

  • The support is not meant to cover the full costs of a project nor to pay artist fees, it is a partial refund of the eligible expenses related to the project. A financial participation of the artist, label, booking agency etc. is requested.

  • music:LX also has a van that artists can borrow. When travelling with our van, the artists have to pay for the fuel costs. Please contact us at [email protected] if you want more information or to book the van.