Ancien Cinéma Café-Club is a place where culture happens. From traditional painting exhibitions to avant-garde installations, from classic movies to independent productions, it brings together an art gallery, old school cinema and a music club. We offer a 170 m2 equipped concert hall, cinema room and exhibition space, we can also be booked for private screenings, celebrations, conferences.

Maciej Karczewski: info(at)
Tel. (+352) 621.22.78.50



The main hall provided in the heart of the building, has a capacity to hold 450-seated people. Due to its natural and fantastic acoustics, the hall is considered to be one of the best concert halls in Luxembourg. The 14m long stage, accomodates professional performances, a flexible fore-stage, and an orchestra pit. The small hall is equipped with flexible and modular seated-rows, with a capacity of up to 120 people. Due to the close seating arrangemts, an intimate setting is created in this hall - making it perfect for chamber music concerts or conferences. The lobby offers a 400m2 space and is equipped with a professional kitchen, which is useful for concert or performance breaks, allowing the public to enjoy refreshments at the bar or visit the temporary exhibition.



The Casino 2000 isn't just a fabulous gampling establishment, it also offers all sorts of concerts and has a couple of venues to rent such as the Purple Lounge and the Chapito.



Located in the south of Luxembourg, the cultural center "Beim Nëssert", known for it's award winning architecture, opened it's doors in 2012. Like the meritorious, prize winning functionality and aesthetic of the building, their corporate philosophy is the idealogical mirror image.

website: Beim Nëssert

CUBE 521

The Cube 521 offers a multifaceted and diverse agenda for every occasion, providing the public with quality entertainment. It offers a multifunctional hall, a large lounge and three rehearsal rooms, including an inviting conference room.

The team has made it a place for cultural education; a contact point, offering space for creativity and social exchanges for all ages.



Located in a discrete street off the rue du Saint Esprit, De Gudde Wëllen is a 'one size fits all' venue that opened its doors in December 2014. The flamboyant venue, known amongst music lovers and urban night-life dwellers alike has built up quite a reputation for hosting and accomodating to a wide range of events including live concerts, screenings, lectures, electronic nights and performances.

In previous years, notable bands and artists who have performed at De Gudde Wellen include: TOPS, Sinkane, Warm Graves, Mutiny on the Bounty, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Klaus Johann Grobe, Dillendub, Napoleon Gold, PAUS, Fùgù Mango, Birth of Joy, Fai Baba, Rats on Rafts, Basia Bulat.

Whether you favour craft brews, funky cocktails or tasty indie shows, De Gudde Wellen is where it's at.

Luka Heindrichs: luka(at)



The idea to start up a live music club in Luxembourg was conceived in the early 90's. Eventually, the right spot was found: a former Renault truck garage in the Luxembourg-City suburb of Hollerich which was nicknamed 'Downtown'. It was during the hot 'n' sweaty summer of 1995 when the former workshop ('atelier' in French - ah, that's where the name comes from...) underwent a complete D.I.Y. restoration.

'Den Atelier' finally opened its doors on the 23rd of October, 1995. The venue was now fit for purpose; a place for all sorts of concerts and the occasional late night to early mornning party. Den Atelier played a huge role in the organisation of the well-known Luxembourgish music festival Rock a Field.



The Kulturfabrik cultural centre is located in the South of Luxembourg. It used to be a municipal slaughterhouse, then a self-run squat, and has been transformed to a well-respected venue for multidisciplinary creations, offering an artist residence, being a host to socio-cultural and cross-border projects, or a pilot centre for sustainable development. Many kinds of cultural events are presented there ranging from music to theatre, exhibition to literature. During the year it offers around 250 various events within and outside its walls. The Kulturfabrik is one of the key players in Luxembourg and the greater surrounding region.

The Ratelach Bar is a place for small theatre pieces and literature evenings, freshly added to the unique location that is Kulturfabrik!



The Kulturhaus Niederanven is a regional meeting point for cultural lovers. Their all year round diversified cultural events attract a younger and an older crowd. All kinds of cultural events are presented, from music to theatre, dance to literature... holding a varied yet unique program for everyone to enjoy.



Celebrating the 10th anniversary in 2011, Liquid is known as a warm, authentic and original place, with a relaxing atmosphere which can be enjoyed either on their comfortable seats or by the bar.

Furthermore, Liquid offers jazz and blues concerts at a weekly rate, while supporting the local scene & talents as well as international artists.



If you are looking for Blues or Rock music, then the Maniac Café is the place to be: located in the East of the country next to the Tripoint of Luxembourg. The team made it a place organising up to 30 gigs per year, which include national and international bands playing Blues, Rock and Garage Rock - who have passed the mike to each other ever since this bar opened it's doors.



Melusina has been an integral part of Luxembourg's culture for over 40 years. Located opposite the Mousel brewery, the cafe and dance/concert hall (as they were referred to back then) have always been a popular spot in the old town of the capital known as the Clausen.



The Mierscher Kulturhaus is a venue for creation and collaboration. It is a place open for every dialogue, artistic expression and cultural practice. The team made it a cultural centre, offering theater, dance, music, expositions, and workshops in order to experience culture and a 'living-together' environment.



The Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster is a majestic complex with impressive architectural structures, providing infrastructures for big productions or small ones.

Since 2004, this institution has been a multifunctional place for creation and cultural arrival. Across more than 13,000 m2, the CCRN offers an ample concert hall as well as smaller halls, which may be adjustable going from 20 to 200 seating or more standing. Every hall is equipped with facilities for music, dance, cinema and theatre. neimënster is music:LX's partner for the Luxembourg Jazz Meeting. 



Opened in 2007, opderschmelz is a regional cultural meeting point which is based in the southern city of Dudelange. The team made it a place for "live cinema", literature performances, musicals based on audio-visual multi-discipline and much more. opderschmelz is music:LX's partner for the international project 'Criss Cross Europe'.



The bold curves of Portzamparc's Philharmonie form an exceptional setting for all kinds of musical events; be it the symphonic orchestras, solo recitals, jazz concerts or more experimental settings with spatially arranged sounds - which find perfect architectural conditions in the three complementary concert halls. 

The "Grand Auditorium" combines the proven acoustics of «shoe-box» concert halls with the qualities of the Shakespearean stage. The auditorium consists of a pit and eight lateral towers which resemble a lively meeting place and has the capacity to hold up to 1,500 people.

The "Salle de Musique de Chambre" is bordered by elegantly curved walls, together with a characteristic sound reflector above the stage, which forms a unique and intimate room for 300 people. 

The most flexible "Espace Découverte" welcomes up to 120 people. It is perfect for a wide variety of musical experiences; from experiments in the vast fields of electronics, film, video and art, to interactive workshops for all ages. The Philharmonie Luxembourg is music:LX's partner for the Luxembourg Classical Meeting. 



The Prabbeli team organizes every year up to twenty gigs. This cosy little cultural bar offers you gigs of every kind of music (Jazz, Rock, Classic, Pop...). Additionally to that, the Prabbeli has an equipped rehearsal room, which permits workshops to be held and has room at the bar to hold up to 160 people.



Rocas is a small venue/bar that organizes shows and theatre productions in the very heart of Luxembourg City. Eclectic national and international shows happen on the 1st floor, while alternative DJs heat up the crowd downstairs throughout the night.



The Rockbox is an impressive rock-bar located in the Clausen neighbourhood in Luxembourg. Equipped with a bar on both floors, bands can set up their gear in the upper room, which can hold 100 to 150 people. Throughout the year, rock-gigs are regularly scheduled.



The Rockhal offers two concert halls - with the Main Hall accomodating an audience of up to 6500 and the Club holding an audience of 1200. The Rockhal is managed by the public institution Centre de Musiques Amplifiées and co-financed by the Luxembourgish State. It stands today as a shining jewel on the Luxembourgish musical landscape.

The Rockhal also harbours a Music & Resources Centre: Rocklab, with six rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, a dance studio and a documentation center.

In short, the Rockhal is a place where artists of the Luxembourgish music scene, professional and amateur alike - can interact and share their views on this industry.


The Blues Club proudly holds the Sang a Klang hall which can hold up to 250 people. It offers concerts with musicians from America, Canada, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. and gives local and regional groups the opportunity to put on a supporting act and introduce themselves to the wider public.



The Trifolion is the main venue for the renowned Festival International Echternach and is also home of the European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO), the regional music school and the Echternach brass orchestra. It is the new centre for culture, society and conventions in Echternach, located in the eastern part of Luxemburg. The five-storey Trifolion houses a concert hall with a capacity for 700 people and offers superb acoustics for live performances of all kinds. The auditorium has comfortable fixed seating in the main nave, as well as flexible seating in the side galleries, thus making the hall perfectly suitable for all kinds of events. 

The building also houses a further hall with an impressive round gallery, which has a capacity for an audience of around 300. In addition to the premises mentioned above the Convention Centre offers additional rooms of varying sizes for seminars and workshops.