The chamber orchestra Estro Armonico was established in 1992 with a concert that included works from Vivaldi’s "Estro Armonico", Under the concertmaster's - Guy Goethals' direction, the ensemble has become one of the leading orchestras in Luxemburg. Vivaldi’s title, "Estro Armonico", can be loosely translated to Harmonic Inspiration which, is also the ethos the orchestra cultivates between players, singers, soloists and the general public. Estro Armonico often collaborate with choirs in the Grand Duchy and the wider adjoining regions; working with Luxembourgish conductors such as Carlo Jans and Jonathan Kaell and with distinguished international conductors such as Jaap Schröder and Guy van Waas. The ensemble continues to demonstrate it's versatility, having performed programmes of Baroque and Classical, worked in musicals, films and Big Band. Since its foundation the orchestra has prefrormed over four hundred concerts.

contact: Arend Herold, admin[at]estro.lu

website: www.estro.lu


The Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg was established in 1974 and was so named after receiving the official recognition as an Orchestra of the State. The OCL has tapped into this wonderful experience all the assets that allow it, through a rigorous work and an unwavering commitment of its members, to open new and bold ways and to believe in a high radiation of its work to a wider audience, nationally and internationally. Thanks to chamber ensembles of flexible staffing for each production, the OCL intends to discover the wealth of musical modes of expression of our time. Various collaborations with artists from very different musical backgrounds and new approaches with diverse forms of expression are strong artistic contributions that make the OCL a typical and a representative orchestra of the 21st century!

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website: www.ocl.lu


The orchestra of the Grand Duchy, the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (OPL), represents a very dynamic part of the culture of its country. Since its high-profile debut in 1933 under the aegis of Radio Luxembourg (RTL), the orchestra has been present all over Europe. Publicly administered since 1996, the OPL has, since 2005, been resident at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, one of the most prestigious concert halls in Europe. In January 2012 the institutions merged both artistically and administratively.
The acoustics of its residence, praised by great orchestras, conductors and soloists all over the world, its long-standing connections with many concert halls and festivals have contributed to making the OPL an orchestra renowned for the elegance of its sonority. Its standing has been confirmed by an impressive list of prizes awarded for the orchestra’s CD recordings in the last years. The OPL is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture of the Grand Duchy and receives further support from the City of Luxembourg.

contact: info[at]philharmonie.lu 

website: www.philharmonie.lu/opl


Under the Gracious Patronage of Her Royal Highness Grand-Duke Henri
Honorary President: Jacques Santer

They are European, these musicians from the best orchestras of the old continent have been meeting regularly in Luxembourg since their first concert in September 1989 for recitals, concerts and recordings. They also tour regularly accompanying the most renowned soloists and captivating both audience and critics in the major European musical centres. Each season in Luxembourg they offer their faithful public two cycles of Monday concerts and they also appear at the international Festival of Echternach. In May 2004 they performed at the UN in New York on the occasion of the EU enlargement. For the last four years every season, at their opening concert, they have performed a work commissioned by the Luxembourg’s Ministry of Culture: in 2012 Ivan Boumans’ Meiosis/, in 2013 Marco Pütz’s Moods, in 2014 Marco Pütz’s Strömungen/Streams and in 2015 Jeannot Sanavia’s Hélice.
The orchestra is one of the main hubs of Luxembourg’s musical life and its activities are supported by the Ministry of Culture, the City of Luxembourg and numerous sponsors.

contact: info[at]sel.lu

website: www.sel.lu