If a project manager approved your project, you will need to fill in the "Refund Application" form which is in this section.

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The "Refund Application" document must include a budget made with eligible expenses and revenues and be sent to music:LX no later than three months after the completion of the project. After this time, support could be cancelled.

In the case of a tour, the contribution of music: LX may be reduced if one or more dates have not taken place and/or if the difference between the projected budget and the budget achieved is too great. You must compile and organise all invoices and receipts and provide the appropriate proof that our Logo and Acknowledgement on any press and promotion material was created with the funding. Costs must be verifiable with invoices and receipts as a condition of funding - no costs will be counted without proof of receipt and generally, eligible costs must be incurred after the application has been submitted. music:LX reserves the right to remove any ineligible expenses from your final cost report. Receipts must include :

  • Name and address of the organisation who provided the goods or services
  • Transaction date
  • The goods or services purchased in detail, such as item description, quantity, unit price, additional charges and applicable taxes
Support decided by music:LX will be paid within two months after the realization of the project, and only after receiving the invoices.



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