EXCITE off to a flying start!

Tuys (c) Noah Fohl

As you’re probably already aware, EXCITE is a European network of 9 organizations (SE, NO, BE, NL, DK, DE, FI, LU, UK) that supports young & upcoming artists by sending them on tours in northern Europe. This month marks the first festival of the network under Creative Europe funding: Freeze Festival!

In this new EXCITE era of financial support from the EU, the project is architected around a core of 10 festivals in the aforementioned organizations’ local markets, with a further 4 associated festivals in territories including PT, ES, SI and PL. For the Luxembourg leg music:LX joins forces with local partners Sonic Visions Music & Conference Festival. Besides this tour Excite, will curate its own stage at Reeperbahn Festival, Germany’s most respected showcase festival/conference. Furthermore EXCITE will produce 2 dedicated song camps with internationally respected writers to support and accelerate artistic development and encourage deeper peer-to-peer collaborations. Dedicated advice from respected representatives and specialists (managers, labels, publishers, booking agencies, sync agencies and promoters) will also be stitched into this activity.

Within its concrete activity plan, during a 24-month period between 2017-11 and 2019-11, the project will:

  • involve 20-40 acts in a minimum of 100 live performances, 60 being transnational and 40 national, across 30 festivals in 13 European countries.
  • involve an elite group of 9-20 musical acts per year + 18-40 entourage/music entrepreneurs in the exchange, also including extra performances, media appearances, and professional music industry networking sessions.
  • involve 9-18 songwriters at 2 talent development & mentorship camps, involving between 9-20 music industry experts.
  • promote 9 musical acts and the visibility of EU financial support to their professional development at acurated stage at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, one of the leading music showcase festival/conferences in Europe.

As a reminder, 2017’s Luxembourgish EXCITE act was TUYS - they had the chance to play at both MS Dockville Festival (DE) and Live At Heart (SE), with an extra show in Sweden, a photoshoot and interesting networking possibilities as extra value!

In return, music:LX’s partner festival Sonic Visions Music & Conference Festival welcomed the very promising experimental RnB duo F.U.N.C.. Coming from Finland and the Netherlands, and with roots in Nigeria and Ukraine, the band delivered a strong show! With around 350 people to witness the duo opening the festival’s second night, the show was a real success and it didn't take much to convince the crowd.

The artists had the the opportunity to access the many quality conferences of the Sonic Visions and to networking activities. And on top of this, Colombe Music shot an aftermovie/interview of F.U.N.C., which you can watch here.