Luxembourgish and Polish Jazz in the spotlight in Paris

The association Paris Jazz Club in collaboration with music:LX will organize an exceptional evening on February 15th where the Luxembourgish Jazz will meet the Polish one.

Along the famous ‘Rue des Lombards’ in Paris (FR), six concerts will be played in three different venues: Duc des Lombards, Sunset and Baiser Salé. A real opportunity to delve into a journey through the similarities and differences of both countries’ music.

On the Luxembourgish side, you will be able to (re)discover Maxime Bender’s modern Jazz with the formation Universal Sky (their first album will be released on February the 23rd on the Italian label CAM JAZZ), Jeff Herr Corporation with their latest album ‘Manifesto’ and Dock in Absolute, recently rewarded with a Jazz Export Artist of the Year 2017 Award.

Full programme :

Krzysztof Kobylinski (PL)
Maxime Bender w/ Universal Sky (LU)

Jeff Herr Corporation (LU)
Anna Gadt Extemporizing Ensemble (PL) ft. Annemie Obsorne (LU)

Maciek Pysz Quartet (PL)
Dock in Absolute (LU)

Where : Rue des Lombards, Paris (FR)
•• When : February, 15th, 9PM

•• Tickets : here *** NB: 1 entry grants you the access to the 3 clubs. ***
••• More information here.
••• Playlist here.