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‘Raising awareness on the lack and importance of platonic touch through music, dance and performances’

Monday May, 28th marks the beginning of EDSUN’s Platonic Touch campaign.

His project: a European tour to “bring healing and awareness to people’s minds, especially men’s”. The idea is to denounce this lack of platonic touch and break down the barriers and taboos we have regarding the physical but non-sexual contact between men, through art.

For more visibility and a better impact, the project requires some financial support.

How does it work? You can be part of the journey and donate through a system of crowdfunding and either give the amount you’ve decided, or opt between different “packages” and get some reward according to the amount selected. Everyone can participate as much as they can/want.

The money collected will be used to build this tour, from transportation costs to communication, venue hires or artists fees. The tour depends on the amount of money collected before June 28th. You can find more info and/or donate here.

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