“Musique de Luxe, musikalische Schätze aus Luxemburg”, Fredener Musiktage

The 2018 edition of the International Fredener Musiktage (Freden, Germany) will focus on artists from Luxembourg. From the 21st to the 29th of July the festival will feature Pascal Schumacher (artist and composer in residence), the Kreisler Quartet, the Luxembourg Philharmonic Brass Quintet, percussionist Christoph Sietzen, the ensemble KammerMusekVeräin Lëtzebuerg, pianist Jean Muller and United Instruments of Lucilin. Several Luxembourgish composers are also featured in the programme: the Luxembourg Philharmonic Brass Quintet will perform 'Metal Overture' by Ivan Boumans and 'Réminiscences de Moscou' by Walter Civitareale, the KammerMusekVeräin Lëtzebuerg will perform 'Nguurraa' by Georges Lentz and 'Mezza Voce (…et le sommeil sur la pierre…)' by Marcel Reuter, United Instrument of Lucilin will interpret 'Iceland Spar' by Catherine Kontz and 'Wish' by Camille Kerger.

Complete festival programme here