Exit:LX Session is back!

© Roxanne Peuguet Photography

Summer is the usual time for our very own Exit:LX Session! music:LX is teaming up again with Rotondes to present you a new talent from Luxembourg, Bartleby Delicate, performing on August 16th during the ‘Congés Annulés’ festival.

During this session, a professional video is shot, providing the artist with a great live video in order to use it as an export tool for his strategy abroad. The video will be then screened as a Premiere in September at Rotondes during our very special Exit:LX Night, where two Luxembourgish and one foreign artists will perform. Inviting a foreign band will allow to send a band from Luxembourg abroad in an exchange basis.

More than just a tradition, Exit:LX Session is an important event during the Summer at Rotondes in Luxembourg. Be there or be square!