Musiciennes à Ouessant Festival celebrates composer Tatsiana Zelianko

(C) DR

French classical music festival Musiciennes à Ouessant pays tribute to composers who have not been mentioned in music’s history books. The works of these forgotten composers are for the most part, interpreted and performed by female musicians. However, this year the festival will be honouring Luxembourg’s current Tatsiana Zelianko.


A native of Belarus, Tatsiana Zelianko is a prize winning pianist and composer, having written multiple works in cooperation with established arts and music networks such as Noise Watchers Unlimited, CAPe, and Luxembourg’s Ministry of Culture. Her compositions have largely been debuted at Luxembourg’s Philharmonie and Conservatory. One of her most notable works being a 90 minute interpretation of Alfred Hitchcocks film, The Lodger.


This year, the French festival Musiciennes à Oussant will be celebrating Tatsiana’s accomplishments by debuting her latest works for four days, starting August 5th to August 9th , performed by musicians from around the world. A conference will also be given by Tatsiana as well as a private performance for residents of MAPA Ouessant.