Francesco Tristano at Sound Up Festival

Early this September, Francesco Tristano will be heading off to Sound Up festival in Moscow, Russia for two unique performances.

The Sound Up festival, can only be described as a series of live performances, set in unique locations and venues with specially designed scenography. The entirety of the festival resembles a musical petri dish that inspires new ideas and cultivates novel sounds which are then introduced to an audience. Previous acts include: Steve Reich, Gabriel Prokofiev, Hauschka, Vladimir Martynov, Martin Kohlstedt, Kirill Richter, Grandbrothers, Pavel Karmanov, Greg Haines, Alexey Aigui, Piano Interrupted, Dmitry Evgrafov, Field Rotation, Misha Mishenko, Blaue Blume, Delhia de France and more…

The 2018 lineup includes: Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra, Bersarin Quartet, and Sunna Gunnlaugs Trio to name a few.

As an established crossover artist, Tristano will be performing two shows on the same day, both varying in genre. The first, at 19:30, will be devoted to the acoustic sound where his repertoire consists of his own works and a selection of rare Baroque pieces by composers such as Jan Sweelinck and Girolamo Frescobaldi, Maurice Ravel’s Impressionist Gaspard de la Nuit, and his own compositions from the latest, piano-only album Piano Circle Songs. Later the same evening, at 21:30, Tristano will fuse classical with electronica and explore the limits of these genres in combination; with works by Johann Sebastian Bach, contrasted against his own.


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10/09/2018 - Sound Up Festival @ Gogol Center - Moscow, Russia