A Luxembourg focus in Taiwan

Through a newly founded partnership between musicLX and the Taichung Jazz festival, the festival will promote the artistic and musical talent coming out of the Grand-Duchy by inviting two Luxembourg acts to perform. This October, Greg Lamy and Dock In Absolute are heading to Taiwan to play at this years Taichung Jazz Festival.

Since 2003, the Taichung Jazz festival has been growing ever more prominent, with over 1 million people in attendance each year.

On the 18th of October, Greg Lamy will take to the main-stage and no doubt delight audience members with his evocative guitar phrasing and contagious groove from the rest of the band. Likewise, Dock In Absolute will be making heads turn!

See below for more details:


18/10/2018 - Greg Lamy / Taichung Jazz Festival / Taichung (TW)  

.18/10/2018 - Dock In Absolute / Taichung Jazz Festival / Taichung (TW)