Francesco Tristano : Something New

Francesco Tristano will head to the north west of France to play a show at the Le Carré - Scène Nationale Château-Gontier.

Tristano is somewhat of a double threat and lives two artistic lives. He’s known in the classical world as an exceptional pianist and composer, playing Philharmonic halls all over the globe. He is also known within the electronic scene  for his contagious four to the flour loops that he merges with his classical roots to create something truly unique. He’s has worked with the likes of Chilly Gonzales, Nina Kraviz, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Brandt Brauer Frick, to name a few.

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Tristano will introduce his new live performance concept titled p:anorig where, in real time he creates a minimalistic universe by combining a live mixing, light, sound and design installation performance. On stage you will see him surrounded by an array of synthesizers and illuminated by cascading spotlights.

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Le Carré, Scène nationale - Centre d'art contemporain and the venue 6par4, in the frame of 576° Nord/Sud, will be presenting Francesco Tristano's new concept on October 11th. They've actually created an ephemeral club at Le Carré, Scène nationale de Château-Gontier just for this show!

Audience, artist and even the bar will share the stage.


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11/10/2018 Francesco Tristano at Le Carré - Scène Nationale Château-Gontier / Château-Gontier (FR)