Sun Glitters: part of a new label story

Luxembourg electronic artist and producer Sun Glitters and Co. have launched Future Archive Recordings, an artist run independent record label based in the US.

Among the labels’ co founders are Sun Glitters, Little People, arms and sleepers and CNJR. According to its founders, Future Archive was born out of a shared need for artistic autonomy, collaborative work, and the desire to subvert the traditional record label model. The labels roster of artists include Plantrae, NOTME, VOLO, drab, Rome In Reverse, AAMAR (LU), Marley Carroll, YPPAH (Ninja Tune), Blockhead (Ninja Tune) and of course the labels founding members. Each artist has their own electronic landscape that they gravitate to when writing, which makes Future Archive all the more valuable as a label and collective; each artist adds to the label, their own unique musical identity.

Future Archives first release is a compilation titled “FUTURE ARCHIVE: Volume 1” and features many of the artists mentioned above. The compilation explores a range of subtleties, genres, and styles within electronic music, reflecting the diverse nature of artists supported by Future Archives.

Stream “FUTURE ARCHIVE: Volume 1” here

For more information about Future Archive visit them at