Excite Music

It's about time we reintroduced you to EXCITE Music!

EXCITE Music is a European initiative comprised of 9 music organisations across Europe which aims to champion up & coming artists and young music professionals. Each partner (you can see a list of the EXCITE partners down below) exchanges information about european music markets and exploits one anothers networks to provide artists with an audience that spans across Europe. As for the young music professionals, they will be able to build their networks up to an international level. 

A list of the EXCITE partners include: KulturUgndom (SE), music:LX (LU), ORA (DK), Pop Fabryk (NL), Poppunt (BE), Rockcity (DE), Sørf (NO), Tamk (FI) and XPO North (UK). Together, the network is focused on delevoping the ever-present, rich and vibrant European music scene. EXCITE, for example, has selected EDSUN to represent Luxembourg  and play at 2 partner festivals of the EXCITE network in Belgium and Norway. Similarly, this past July, Bartleby Delicate took part in a songwriting and artist development camp, along with fellow EXCITE artists from three other countries to work on their music and share insights. Designed around an educational framework, EXCITE also serves to educate the young professionals and artists it works with.

Additionally, EXCITE will be at partner festival SONIC VISIONS featuring an EXCITE artist from Belgium. There will be a half hour presentation about the EXCITE initiative, letting conference attendees know about the awesome work EXCITE are doing.

EXCITE was originally made up of 3 partners when the intiative started in 2009, and self funded. Almost ten years later and EXCITE is now made up of 9 partners and for the first time this year, co-funded by Creative Europe 

If you want to stay up to date with latest EXCITE news and movements, the best thing to do is like EXCITE on Facebook and give them a follow on Instagram.