Dock In Absolute In Asia

Asia can’t seem to get enough of Dock in Absolute. For the past few years, this jazz trio has been touring relentlessly outside Europe, specifically Asia; tapping into a larger fanbase and building a dedicated following…This year alone they have played 36 shows in Asia, not mentioning their dates in Europe and America.


Dock In Absolute, formed in 2012 and is made up of three professional musicians.  With Michel Mootz playing drums and percussion, David Kintziger on the electric bass and Jean-Philippe Koch playing piano, the three musicians create an elaborate collage of jazz styles with an influence of rock and classical genres. Their debut album, released last year through italien label CAM JAZZ  has been well received by their listeners and the press, while their live shows tend to finish with a standing ovation from the audience. For a full list of their upcoming shows and past tour dates


Listen to Dock In Absolute here.


Past Asia dates:

17/10/18 Tamkang University / New Taipei (TW)

18/10/18 Taichung Jazz Festival / Taichung (TW)

19/10/18 Taritsi Archi / Hsinchu County (TW)

20/10/18 Datong Culture Arts Center / Kaohsiung (TW)

29/11/18 Fringe Festival / Shenzen (CH)

30/11/18 Fringe Festival / Shenzen (CH)

02/12/18 JGTV Festival / Jakarta (ID)