Michel Meis 4tet

The Michel Meis 4tet has a new release coming out very soon and we advise that you watch their social media closely for announcements!

In early January of the new year the Michel Meis 4tet will be releasing their debut album through Double Moon Records (DE). The debut album is titled ‘Lost In Translation’ and is inspired by the everyday events that make up Meis’ life experiences. Together with the rest of the 4tet, Meis has created a seven track story of liberal lyrical melodies and energetic rhythms. ‘Lost In Translation’ is only one of 5 records to be released in a 5 part series by the label. ‘The series is called Jazz thing Next Generation’

A new release means a new tour is a very real prospect, so keep an eye out!

Read about the album here and hear a taste of what’s to come!